International forum for RA (IFRA)


Welcome to an international meeting focused on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Time: Saturday September 23d – Tuesday September 26th 2017

Venue: Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Organizers: Rheumatology Karolinska (main responsible prof Lars Klareskog) together with co-organizers prof Zhanguo Li, (Beijing) and prof Kazuhiko Yamamoto (Tokyo) in collaboration with an international advisory board and a local organizing committee


The different sections build on invited speakers (50%) and about selected abstracts (50%), with additonal discussions on strategies. Format will be plenary, not parallel sessions.

1. The good aspects of the situation today and how did we arrive here?

2. The unresolved clinical and scientific problems of today – and why are they un-resolved?

3. Why do we get RA? Insights into etiology and pathogenesis

4. All RA is not the same: The diversity of the disease; epidemiology and clinics

5. Many different symptoms of RA; Pain, fatigue and more

6. Today´s best treatments; outcome, benefits and limitations

7. What should be done now?
Understanding the molecular basis of the gradual development of the disease

8. Which immunological mechanisms should we interfere with?

9. New targets for treatment; adaptive immunity

10. New targets for therapy; other mechanisms

11. New strategies for therapy and clinical trials in the new therapeutic landscape

12. New strategies for prevention of disease in the new landscape of understanding of the gradual development of RA

13. Strategies forward and international collaborations